Thursday, April 17, 2008

You're Still Worthy!

There is a song on my heart today:

When I am broken - I’ll be praising You
When my spirit soars - I’ll be praising You
When I’m tested and then tried and You seem far from me
My soul will cry “Bless the Lord!”
When I feel I can touch You - I’ll be praising You
When I can’t hear Your voice - I’ll be praising You
You do all things well so I’ve no need to question
In everything I will rejoice!

It is one thing to sing these words when you aren't going through a trial or you haven't really faced any strong opposition. But! When you feel as though it is one of your darkest times and you can still say the words "BLESS THE LORD!" I never want to let go of the hand of God! He is the source of strength, the salvation of my soul, everything you will ever need. The chorus to the song goes on to say:

I will sing hallelujah!
I’ve got breath in my body and Your mercy still shines on me
When my heart is breaking - You’re still worthy!

No matter what is going on in our lives - God is still worthy of the highest praise. Though it may be hard to acknowledge that fact - the truth doesn't diminish. He is worthy. Regardless.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Been A Long Time

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. Three months according to one person. Life has been really busy, and honestly, a little hard.

Since I've last posted my grandmother passed away. This was my last living grandparent. I am very grateful for the heritage that she left behind. This past weekend was Texas Women's Conference. Our Music Director, Julie, was asked to be over the music - so a few other ladies and myself were privileged to sing. It was tiring! But it was a wonderful experience. On Friday night a few ladies were asked to pray over the prayer cloths that were passed out to all those in attendance. The woman who led the prayer was Sis Judy Gandy. Sis Gandy is an amazing prayer warrior who has survived cancer. The power in her prayer was as tangible as an electric charged wire. What does this have to do with my grandmother? Well, during her prayer she called out "the dead cannot praise God!," went silent for a moment, and then repeated herself. It got me immediately to thinking about my grandparents. All four were warriors for Christ. They lived their lives praising the most high God and tried to instill that desire into their children and grandchildren. When they passed - so did their praise. The worthiness of God did not diminish, but the praise given Him on this earth did. I do not want that praise to be squelched! It is my desire that their praise continue on in me. I want to carry the torch of praise that my grandparents carried. I want it to be brighter and stronger than when they started their journey. I pray their passion for Christ carries on into my life, and should the Lord tarry, on into the lives of my children.