Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Never Would Have Made It

A coworker introduced me to the song below. Oh, how much truth is in this song! If it was not for the hand of God and His grace that has been extended to me each and every day - I would not have made it this far! He is the reason I stand. It is for Him I will continue to stand.

I'm stronger, I'm wiser, I'm better - so much better... Because of You...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh So Yummy

My oh my oh my! I love these chips!! I happened across them in my parents cupboards one day and my chip life hasn't been the same. Try them - you might like them!


I've been praying about a situation for a while now. I started off praying for God's will, but when it wasn't happening as fast or in the direction I thought it should have been moving I became impatient. My prayers turned into "Lord, give me this." My thought life became consumed with the issue and my peace started seeping out of my life. The focus left God's will and turned to Sondra's wants. Our church services have been starting out with the congregation gathering at the front for focused prayer. One night recently, as the congregation started to gather, a scripture popped into my mind.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Oh how wrong I had been!! a) I was anxious and letting it consume me. b) I had no thanksgiving!! I was not approaching the Lord being thankful - I was completely ignoring the blessings and benefits He had ALREADY given me. I learned a valuable lesson that I will hopefully remember for at least a couple of months! To be thankful in every situation is hard. I don't want to be thankful for the allergies. I don't want to be thankful that someone backed in to my car. I don't want to be thankful that gas is almost $4! But for every frustration - the blessings tied to it are tremendous. I have allergies, yes. But I can breathe. Someone backed into my car, yes. But I have a car. Gas is expensive, yes. But God has made a way for me to put gas in that car every week.

Thank You, Lord. Your blessings are abundant. Let me never forget that.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thought For The Day

"Let It Go"

Such an easy phrase, huh? To say that is! Now, all you phlegmatics are asking "What's so hard about that??" Well, for this melancholy/choleric/red-head - A LOT! It is not easy for me to let things go. I like to hang on to them. Whether it's the last piece of chocolate in a box that I don't want to eat because then I won't have anymore, or it's the hurtful thing someone said to me three years ago. I will say this - I'm learning and I'm trying. One moment at a time. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

So Long

I'm a horrible blogger!

There have been a few things I have discovered about myself over the last couple of months. First, if I am stressed - I don't blog. :) I don't really like to sit down and think about my feelings. Pushing them to the side seems like the best plan of action, though I know it really isn't. Second, I have become more laid back and assertive since I've been married to Donnie. How that works, well we are still trying to figure that one out. Third, I wear out easier than I used to. I have put on weight since the wedding, and that may have something to do with it. But, it seems that I just can't be around people or be going, going, going all the time anymore. Some days it makes me sad, other days I'm completely ok being a party pooper!!

Donnie is taking Calculus over the summer. He has made repeated attempts to explain what he is going over in class. With each attempt - my eyes glaze over, I nod, and start thinking of other things. It's not that I don't care! Calculus is a class I never took and most of what he is saying I am so clueless about! I do try though. I try very hard!

We just got home from our 2008 CNR Reunion and we had a blast. It was really nice to see the folks from California and from Illinois. We had a cook-out on Friday night. No fireworks - but at least we had bratwurst! I love me some brats! Next year we'll be heading to California for the reunion. I can't wait!! We are planning a road trip with the 6 of us, I think it will be fun!!

OH! I attempted rice krispy treats for the first time. (I know, I know - "the first time??" But, why should I make them when my mom does such a fantastic job?) May I pass along something I learned in my attempt to make these yummy goodies? If you are going to put chocolate chips in. Don't pour them into the hot marshmallows first. Wait til you have most of the rice krispy's covered, k? Just trust me.