Monday, October 6, 2008


Sitting at work typing emails.
Smelling someones breakfast in the break room
Listening to the rain as it falls outside and co-workers laughing about their weekends.
Drinking nothing at the moment, just waiting on the tea to finish brewing.
Reading Pride & Prejudice and hoping to actually finish it this time.
Loving God and His people.
Dreading having to draw up a will. Evidently it's important to have or something.
Eagerly anticipating the Bubbles concert Saturday night!
Worrying about family and decisions being made.
Wishing I could have stayed home with my honey today.
Praying that I can be everything He wants me to be.
Grateful for second chances.
Sharing mybox of kleenexs with a coworker.

I got this list from BethanyActually. Feel free to copy.