Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas and New Year's!

Happy New Year!! Oh, and belated Merry Christmas!! :)

Donnie and I had a great Christmas this year. Our first as a married couple! It was a little challenging trying to fit all the family gatherings in. We were sad to miss going to Mimi's this year - but were very happy to see everyone in Marlow! Looking back over it all, I can safely say that we are extremely blessed. Everyone is safe, warm, and happy!

Lots of gifts were exchanged this year - Don and I put a cap on the spending this year (or at least tried to!!). Which meant that we had to get a little creative at times. Over all I think everyone was really pleased with their gifts. Stephanie got us the DELUXE Scrabble game - meaning? It turns! And it has the ridges to HOLD the piece in the square it was intended to be in! I got some wonderful cookbooks that sound oh so yummy and lots of other wonderful gifts. I think Donnie's prize possession this season was the Transformers blanket he got. I know he really enjoyed all the other gifts. But evidently nothing compares to the Optimus Prime. :)

New Year's was fun! We headed over to a friend's house and played games, toasted in the New Year (with apple juice!), and set off fireworks in the street!! :)

Resolutions this year:
1. Use my LOA membership!
2. Read the bible ALL the way through!
...wish me luck!! ;)

I pray everyone had a great holiday season. Remember that no matter what happened last year - it's a brand new start. Let each day be a brand new beginning. Live life to it's fullest.

God bless!